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The growers guide to green energy

If you run a horticultural business that has a high energy consumption, did you know that investing in renewable energy can help lower these costs? Despite the reduction in Government funded incentives such as the Feed-in Tariff (FIT), solar energy remains a safe, sensible investment which can cap your costs and guard against rising energy bills. 

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Improving energy efficiency in agriculture

Winter is coming! Not a quote from popular television series Game of Thrones but more a suggestion that now is a great time to consider improving energy efficiency in your agricultural business in preparation for the colder months.  

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Reduce your heating bills with a free biomass boiler

Are you a business that uses a lot of heat such as a manufacturer, hotel or leisure centre? We are inviting you to reduce your bills by generating your own heat energy with a free biomass boiler. Switch to biomass and reap the benefits of cheaper, greener, renewable energy.

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Should my business invest in electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. Heavy investment has been made by both the government by providing funding to encourage uptake and car manufacturers to ensure that they have the technology in place. But when is the right time for you to leave traditional petrol and diesel vehicles behind and invest in a green fleet? 

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Free Solar-Log and monitoring for a year worth £1,800 with solar PV installs

Get your New Year off to a great energy saving start by investing in solar PV. And what's more, if you order a system between January and February 2017, we will throw in a free Solar-Log monitoring system and annual subscription worth £1,800!

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We are now accredited Workplace Charging Scheme installers

We are pleased to announce that we are now fully accredited Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) electric vehicle charging point installers. Only launched this month, the WCS has been introduced to encourage businesses to install charge point installations and increase their electric vehicle fleet with a £300 grant scheme incentive.

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We have changed our name to Noble Green Energy

Twelve months have passed since Noble Foods acquired the business from the John Bowler Eggs Group. Bowler Energy was founded in 2010 by free range egg entrepreneur John Bowler. Piloting both wind turbine and solar PV systems on his own farms to 'go green' and reduce energy costs, John began sharing this knowledge with his customers. The Bowler Energy Company was born. 

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The future of energy is solar PV

The future of electricity generation for use in the home is solar PV - a truly renewable energy source. In today's society, electricity can be used to power appliances, warm the house, heat water, charge your car and even stored for when it's needed. And all of this electricity can be obtained from energy derived directly from the sun.

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The health, energy and cost saving benefits of LED lighting in the workplace

Did you know that the wrong lighting choice in the workplace can have a negative impact on the environment, energy bills and the welfare of your staff? Switching to energy saving LED lighting lessens your impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, saves on energy use which reduces your bills and improves health related problems associated with poor lighting such as migraines and fatigue. 

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The benefits of LED lighting for chickens

Investing in LED lighting has numerous financial benefits including cheaper running costs, increased energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. But did you know that LED lighting can also have welfare benefits for your poultry flock too? 

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